Business and Data Analytics

We help our clients to understand their business better with meaningful insights from data to drive growth creating opportunities and delivering a competitive advantage. Zahlari Digital connects the information and insights you have to deliver the experience your customers need and the revenue you want faster.

Our team of data scientists, data analysts and business analysts come from all walks of professional life with years of experience in business consulting and data analysis.  Our team share a common purpose and deeply ingrained sense of curiosity and a passion for finding a solution to a problem.


Our team is known for delivering innovative and impactful solutions around the world.

Descriptive Analytics

Understand the drivers of performance and behaviours across your business. Identify the critical points in your customer journey and how to optimise. Understand what your customers love about your product/service and what they don’t like.

Predictive Modelling

Model future sales and demand for your products and services.  Use this to inform operations planning and help de-risk future financial commitments. Our modelling also help you plan and strategies to leverage future business opportunities

Machine Learning

Gain an edge over the competition. Optimise spend, identify the next best product and those most likely to respond to a deal. Focus retention spends on customers most likely to churn.